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Rainey Residence

The Rainey residence is another project come to fruition. It was built in Pilot Point, Texas. They had their own set of challenges and requests for their floor plan. Thanks to my knowledge of ADA standards, I was able to accommodate this client. I helped provide a floor plan that allowed their wheelchair bound grandfather to comfortably visit the home. This included providing an accessible route into the home as well as an accessible restroom.

When to hire a draftsman

I get questions all the time about when you should use an architect versus a draftsman. Looking at this infographic provided by the state of Texas it is easy to figure out how I can best help you. Hiring a draftsman can help you save time and money. I am specialized in space planning and am confident I can come up with a look and design you would be just as satisfied as if it were from a licensed architect.


Males Remodel

I absolutely love this project. The Males family was great to work with and open to my ideas. I helped them transform the look of their boring 70’s ranch house and gave them an updated more contemporary design working with what they had in place. They aren’t quite finished yet but I couldn’t wait to show you the progress. You don’t always have to build a brand new home to create a place you can love and be happy with.

As built drawings

Do you have a property or home where you would like plans of an existing structure? We are happy to come to you, take detailed measurements and recreate your space. This process will provide you with a set of plans you can use for leasing, renovations or whatever use you need. Both PDF and CAD files will be provided.


Seminole Cottage

We are excited to see this house finished. It is located in Lake Kiowa, TX. Love the grey colors on the board and batten paired with the stone. The shutters and metal roof accents add just the right amount of charm. Here are some photos of the plans coming to life!